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Peace Dale Volunteer Fire Department at a Glance

What does a volunteer firefighter do?

Our firefighters are made up of many different types of people from all types of backgrounds.  Some members are full time career firefighters, some are teachers, or builders, or students and family members. Each and every volunteer brings a different skill set to the department and makes us strong as a group.  

As volunteers we are not required to work shifts or spend time at the station unless we want to or are available.  Upon joining all members undergo a training program where they learn the skills needed to perform firefighting duties.  Not all members are "interior firefighters" or those that run into burning buildings.  We have many jobs that need to be done outside the building such as driving the firetrucks, setting up hose lines, setting up ladders and other duties.


Members train regularly at our state of the art training facility to be proficient in their duties.  Weekly training is conducted and members are encouraged to attend as often as possible.  


Once members have completed their training, they are cleared to begin performing their firefighting duties when the alarm sounds.  When the public calls us for service, a call goes out over the radio to all members and those who are available respond to the station and ride the firetrucks to the incident scene.  

"Show us that you want to be a Peace Dale Firefighter and WE will show you WHY you want to be a Peace Dale Firefighter"

Peace Dale Fire Motto

Serving the Town of South Kingstown since 1867

The Peace Dale Volunteer Fire Department has been serving the Town and residents of South Kingstown as a volunteer fire company since it was originally chartered in 1867.  Originally chartered as the Narragansett Steam Fire Engine Company #1 of Peace Dale, the department has a rich history of service to the town.  


Today as a part of the Union Fire District of South Kingstown, the department continues to provide 100% volunteer fire service to the residents of SK.  

In order to be able to provide an all volunteer department we are always seeking new members to join and serve the community.  


Contact Peace Dale Volunteer Fire Department

Get in touch with Peace Dale Volunteer Fire Department to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

460 High St
Peace Dale, RI  02879

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