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  • Chris McGrath

PDFD Elects New Officers

Peace Dale Fire held its annual meeting on March 1, 2021 at the Peace Dale Station. During this meeting held each year in March, the department members vote for who will hold officers positions for the following year. This year was a bit different for the members.

Captain Dennis Grande who has been the Capt of the department for the past nine years decided that it was time for him to take a step back and allow a new Captain to emerge. In the wake of his decision the members elected former first lieutenant Mark Guarino to be their new leader for 2021. Also elected were 1st lieutenant Richard Johnson, 2nd Lieutenant Todd Gaudlap and new first time lieutenant Eric Winger. Other officers remaining the same were President Chris McGrath, Secretary Kevin Redmond, Treasurer Timothy McGrath and Janitor Patrick Young.

Several awards were presented during this meeting including the Joe Pesta award to Jacob Paranto, Most Active Member to Richard Johnson, the Presdidential Achievement Award to Ed Sprague, the Mr. Irrelevant Award to Patrick Young and a Lifetime Achievement Award to Capt Dennis Grande.

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